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Screening and Profiling Services

Assay Development - High-Percision HTS/Profiling - Validation Studies - Target Production - Available Assays - Molecular Biology

Our comprehensive platform of kinase, protease, phosphatase, and epigenetic assays utilizes cutting-edge microfluidics and informatics tools to provide accurate and rapid results for your drug discovery program.

  • Data more precise and reproducible than from other screening methods allowing for direct and immediate SAR mining.
  • Direct measurement of enzyme activity accurately identifies inhibitors and activators in the same run.
  • True selectivity determinations delivered via comparable biochemical and kinetic conditions across the suite of targets.
  • Rigorous quality control principles; reference compounds run with every data set.
  • Low level of false positive and false negatives.
  • Data reporting customized to your needs.
  • Rapid turnaround time.

For more information about our Screening and Profiling services please contact us.