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Medicinal Chemistry

Shorten your iterative cycle time in SAR studies and lead optimization. Nanosyn's patented technology allows us to deliver virtually any structurally reasonable molecule within 10-20 days.

  • Hit expansion (for compounds from customer's internal collection, Nanosyn compounds or other sources)
  • Hit to lead optimization (SAR, compounds for PK studies, etc.)
  • Lead optimization
  • Nanosyn's medicinal chemists are advised by world class pharmaceutical consultants with over 30 years of experience in drug development
  • PureQualityTM Compounds: All compounds are HPLC purified and characterized, with a guaranteed minimum purity of 95% so your bio screening results will be reliable and reproducible.

Chemistry on Demand is a sophisticated technological platform based on Nanosyn's patented techniques which include proprietary methodology, know-how, chemical synthesis, software and instrumentation designed to generate novel, pure, and well characterized compounds. The technology consists of a matrix of highly integrated, but independent components, allowing for maximum flexibility in the synthesis of novel molecules with improved MedChem properties providing you with compounds when you need them.

  • Reduced iterative cycle time: Short time from a chemical idea to an array of highly purified, small molecule compounds
  • Fast and efficient optimization of chemical reactions based on proprietary methods.
  • Maximum flexibility in synthesis: Solid phase, solution phase, microwave assisted chemistry, inert atmosphere etc.
  • High efficiency of compound production
  • Synthesis scale: From micrograms to kilograms
  • Purification support: Comprehensive analytical characterization and proprietary systems for data processing







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