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Analytical Services

Nanosyn can complement your in-house drug discovery programs with purification and analysis services; up to 35,000 compounds can be purified per month. Contact Nanosyn to discuss the benefits of applying the PureQuality standard to existing compound collections.

High Throughput Purification and Analytical Services:

  • HPLC purification with MS, UV or ELSD triggered fraction collection
  • Quality enhancement of existing compound collections allowing for quantitative SAR from primary screening
  • High quality; each compound is HPLC purified (95-100% pure), thoroughly characterized by multiple detectors
  • Accurate quantitation by Chemiluminescence Nitrogen Detector (CLND)
  • Comprehensive characterization by multiple detectors (UV, ELSD, MS, CLND)
  • Compounds formatted according to customers specifications
  • Fast turn around time (five business days for a set of 1,000 compounds)

For more information about our Medicinal Chemistry services please contact us.

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