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Plug & Play Libraries

Proprietary Library Development - Plug and Play Libraries

Our unique screening library is "ready to go" without the need for additional preparation. For your convenience, the compounds are dissolved in DMSO at equimolar concentrations, formatted in 96 or 384 well plates, and heat sealed. These compounds are always in stock and deliverable within 24 to 48 hours. At your request, and in accordance with your immediate needs, we can assemble a customized set of compounds from our greatly diversified Nanosyn library. To ensure the highest compound quality and to maximize the accuracy of your screening results, each compound is individually HPLC purified under MS control, and quantified utilizing chemiluminescence nitrogen detection.

Pharma Library

Nanosyn's pharma libraries consist of compounds selected by medicinal chemists in a two-stage process. Compounds are first evaluated to see that they conform to widely accepted guidelines for pharmaceutical hit structures: "drug-like" structure, low molecular weight - < 600, and absence of reactive fragments.

Next, selected compounds are sorted according to their possible pharmacological properties: stability in serum, toxicity, metabolism. Compounds that are expected to satisfy these two sets of requirements for pharmaceutical leads are used to create plates in the Nanosyn "pharma" library. The remaining compounds, which have interesting chemical structures but contain some undesirable feature (for example, aldehydes and oximes) are available for screening in the Nanosyn "exploratory" library.

Click here to view the compound structues in the Pharma Library Collection

Cost Efficiency
Don't buy what you don't use. Keep your funds in the bank, not the freezer!

Products delivered within 24-48 hours of receipt of order

Pharmacologically Relevant
"Drug like" < 600 MW, undesirable groups eliminated

Sructure confirmed by NMR

Guaranteed Resupply
Additional compound (1 - 2 mg) available next day

For standard HTS assays in 96 and 384 well plates

Plates for automation and rapid hit identification

Explore Library 

Compounds in our exploratory library have interesting chemical structures but contain some undesirable features that eliminate them from the more selective pharma library. For example, aldehyde, diazo, and epoxide containing compounds are excluded from the pharma collection, but may have desired activity for some target classes (e.g. proteases). Others may contain groups associated with poor bioavailability (e.g. quaternary nitrogen), toxicity (nitroso), or poor biological stability (mercaptans, aliphatic ketones, 1, 2-dicarbonyls) but contain other important pharmacophores that might be explored further through combinatorial synthesis of dedicated libraries. These compounds are available for screening in our Nanosyn exploratory library.

Compound structures in Explore Library Collection

For more information about our "Plug & Play" screening libraries please contact us.

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