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Microfluidic Technology

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All of our enzymatic assays are developed and performed using a proprietary version of an advanced microfluidic screening platform from Caliper LifeSciences.


With this system, the target enzyme is incubated with fluorescently labeled substrate and test compounds in a standardized reaction mixture in 384 well plates. Upon termination of the reaction, samples are introduced onto microfluidic chips. The samples migrate through channels in the chips and product and substrate are separated based on the difference in their charge and mass (electrophoretic mobility shift). Enzyme activity is measured by direct comparison of the fluorescence in the product and substrate peaks.

Specific Benefits of this System Include:

  • Extremely Precise - Readout allows for very precise determination of enzyme activity based on changes in the product/substrate ratio.
  • Exquisitely Sensitive - Accurately identifies inhibitors not detected by other methods.
  • Rapid Turnaround - Large install base of microfluidic systems provides quicker results.
  • Sophisticated Informatics - Integration of database and informatics tools for efficient reporting and visualizing of data, customized to your needs.
  • Maximum flexibility - System appropriate for small or large compound sets, one target or a panel of targets.


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