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High-Throughput Screening

High-Precision HTS and Profiling - Dose-Response Studies - Target Production - Available Assays - Microfluidics Technology

Over 100 HTS projects have been completed in Nanosyn's state-of-the-art research facility.  We have the ability and capacity to quickly screen small compound sets or large libraries providing:

  • High precision and accuracy to ensure rapid selection of your best compounds and chemical series
  • Strict quality standards; statistical evaluation of all datasets
  • Unique, proprietary informatics tools to analyze and visualize compound activity
  • Cradle to grave compound tracking
  • Flexibility for you to provide compounds in a variety of different formats
  • Options for compound screening:
    • All or part of your library
    • Nanosyn's unique compound library (i.e. 130K HPLC purified compound library)
    • A newly designed and synthesized library by Nanosyn to meet your needs
    • A third party library


Data visualization of high-throughput screen demonstrating activity (yellow)
ranging from high to low selectivity for the enzyme target.

For more information about our Screening and Profiling services please contact us.

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