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Chemistry Services

Specializing in the design, synthesis, and analysis of small organic compounds for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, the focal point of Nanosyn’s chemistry platform allows for the rapid production of molecules and compounds as needed by our clients. We tailor and produce material and synthetic services using our unique proprietary technology to fit individual customer requests and requirements for custom synthesis, ‘hit-to-lead’ optimization, and the development of screening libraries targeted for drug discovery.

Discovery Chemistry

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Focused libraries
  • Custom Synthesis

Fragment Based Drug Discovery

  • Microfluidic detection technology
  • In-house library of 5,000 fragments
  • Instant access to historical selectivity data for in-house fragment library
  • Follow-up mechanism of action (MOA) studies

Process Chemistry and cGMP Manufacturing 

  • Process R&D
  • Analytical method development
  • Kilo-scale production
  • Phase 1 to Commercialization

Analytical Services and Compund Management

  • High-throughput purification
  • High-throughput analyses
  • CLND quantitation
  • Compound reformatting
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