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Nanosyn Inc. and Amphora Discovery Announce Collaborative Agreement

Menlo Park, California and Durham, North Carolina, February 22, 2006

Nanosyn Inc. and Amphora Discovery Corporation today announced that they have entered into a multi-year research collaboration whereby Nanosyn will provide chemistry-based services to Amphora Discovery for multiple drug targets. Under the terms of the agreement Amphora will access a wide range of chemistry expertise offered by Nanosyn as well as their proprietary technologies allowing for cost-effective design and synthesis of biologically relevant small molecules. Amphora will own all compounds and their methods of use identified under the agreement.  Nanosyn will receive an upfront fee, research funding, and success milestone payments for novel series identified in the collaboration. Nanosyn has already received success milestones from Amphora for two novel chemical scaffolds. No additional financial terms were disclosed.

"We are keen to expand on the very successful partnership that we currently have in place with Nanosyn  for rapid, cost-effective chemistry services," stated C. Nicholas Hodge, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of Amphora Discovery. "By extending the collaboration, we are able to tap into Nanosyn's full range of capabilities in complex, innovative chemistry. This relationship strengthens Amphora's ability to move multiple safe, targeted drugs into clinical trials."

"We are delighted to see that our relationship with Amphora Discovery has developed into a fully integrated chemistry collaboration." said Nikolai Sepetov, President and CEO of Nanosyn." I believe that Amphora's unique set of chemical biology tools and Nanosyn's chemistry capabilities are truly complementary, allowing for rapid advancement of drug discovery programs at Amphora"

About Amphora Discovery

Amphora Discovery Corporation is a privately held pharmaceutical research company skilled in the science and art of pathway-based drug discovery. Its lead generation platform delivers unmatched precision, selectivity and data quality, which has produced well characterized proprietary new clinical entities for use in oncology, inflammation, metabolic diseases and neurological disorders. Amphora has multiple compounds being prepared for clinical studies in the areas of oncology and inflammation. Amphora is based in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, with offices in Los Altos, California. For more information, visit the company's web site at

About Nanosyn Inc

Nanosyn is a medicinal chemistry based organization providing made-to-order focused compound libraries, hit-to-lead optimization, medicinal chemistry services, and other innovative solutions to meet our partners drug discovery needs. Nanosyn's “Chemistry on Demand” capabilities enable customers to apply the power of new screening technologies without making frustrating trade-offs between budgets, schedules, and research opportunities. The company's proprietary technology and processes build the best organic synthesis strategies available into strategic configurations of instrumentation, software and reagents, and uses real-time analytical data to orchestrate organic synthesis events. Founded in 1998, Nanosyn is privately held and self-funding. The company is based in Menlo Park, California. For more information, visit the company's web site at

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