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Sertanty and Nanosyn to Co-Market Libraries for Kinase Targets

San Jose and Menlo Park, Calif, March 23, 2004

Sertanty, Inc., a provider of software solutions and content for the drug discovery industry, and Nanosyn, Inc., a privately held provider of chemistry services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, have signed a co-marketing agreement to jointly market products developed using the technologies and capabilities of both companies. Under the agreement, the two companies will use Sertanty's design tools and Nanosyn's focused compound library synthesis expertise to develop and co-market focused libraries for kinase targets.

The companies will co-market the "New Kinase Starter Kit," consisting of two small probing libraries, developed by Sertanty and Nanosyn, that can interrogate known and uncharacterized kinase targets. Using the initial structure-activity relationship data, Sertanty will identify optimal scaffold structures for potential target kinase inhibitors. Nanosyn will use those structures to synthesize focused target kinase inhibition compound libraries for delivery to customers.
"Sertanty has claimed its position as an expert in cheminformatics-guided inhibitor design," said Olga Issakova, Ph.D., Nanosyn Vice President. "They have built a large knowledgebase of known kinase inhibitors and over 40 kinase-specific predictive eScreens which enable them to draft and rapidly explore promising candidates around synthetically accessible scaffold types. This collaboration leverages the expertise of both companies to provide customers with fast access to strategically designed focused compound libraries."

"Nanosyn's expertise in the design, synthesis, purification and analysis of small organic compounds for drug discovery will enable us to deliver focused library compounds of the highest purity standards in a short time span," stated Steven Muskal, Ph.D., Sertanty Chief Technology Officer. "Nanosyn's 'Chemistry on Demand' resources and capabilities will enable customers to receive tailor-made, focused compound libraries that they can plug directly into their screening operations in just 3-4 weeks."

Sertanty's eScreens are based on a mosaic of 3D-pharmacophore models. The panel of more than 40 eScreens allows the selection of molecules for synthesis and purchase based on their predicted potency and selectivity profiles. Clients who license the eScreen technology have the option to customize the eScreens by using partly or entirely their in-house data as training sets. Directly integrated into Sertanty's LUCIA platform, these models can be leveraged by medicinal chemists during the design and optimization of lead compounds.

Sertanty's Knowledgebases and LUCIATM technology platform are available for license by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. For more information, please contact Kristina Kurz, Ph.D., (408) 487 4015 or

Nanosyn's Chemistry on Demand services are made possible by the company's proprietary Accelerated Nanoscale Synthesis Technology (ANSTTM) platform. ANST is a patented method of translating drug discovery hypotheses into focused libraries of drug-like molecules. Each library compound is accurately quantified and conforms to the company's PureQualityTM standard of 95% purity.

Nanosyn's products and services are critical components of drug development platforms at pharmaceutical companies worldwide. For more information, please contact Olga Issakova, Ph.D., (650) 853-7034 or

About Sertanty

Sertanty, Inc. is a drug discovery technology company that uses advanced empirical data and computational techniques to discover novel small molecules that can be transformed into orally-available drugs. The company's technology has the potential to significantly reduce the chemical synthesis efforts involved in discovering new small-molecule drugs by leveraging known molecular structures, synthesis protocols and bioactivity data. Sertanty's senior management team has substantial corporate and operating expertise in profitable information technology companies such as Sun Microsystems and Brocade Communications, as well as successful life sciences companies such as Affymax and MDL Information Systems. The company recently completed its seed financing, led by leading life science and information technology investors HighBAR Ventures, Band of Angels and Technofyn. Sertanty is well positioned to expand its operations through revenues from software and content licenses. Sertanty is based in San Jose, California. For more information, please visit:

About Nanosyn

Nanosyn is a specialized service organization providing made-to-order focused compound libraries, hit-to-lead optimization, custom synthesis and medicinal chemistry services. Nanosyn's "Chemistry on Demand" capabilities enable customers to apply the power of new screening technologies without making frustrating trade-offs between budgets, schedules, and research opportunities. The company's proprietary ANSTTM technology builds the best organic synthesis strategies available into strategic configurations of instrumentation, software and reagents, and uses real-time analytical data to orchestrate organic synthesis events. Prior to delivery, synthesized compounds must conform to Nanosyn's PureQualityTM standard of 95% purity, verified by multiple detectors, and accurate quantitation by CLND. Founded in 1998, Nanosyn is privately held and self-funding. The company is based in Menlo Park, California.

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