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Nanosyn Announces Major Improvements to Accelerated Nanoscale Synthesis Technology Platform (ANSTTM)

Menlo Park, California, July 1, 2002

Nanosyn, Inc. is pleased to announce major improvements to the proprietary platform for nanoscale organic synthesis developed at Nanosyn (ANSTTM). HPLC micro purification under mass spectrometry control and quantification utilizing chemoluminescence nitrogen detector (CLND) has been recently integrated into ANSTTM platform. Four fully automated LC/MS purification/quantification systems with proprietary data processing software are currently being used allowing for the throughput of over 15,000 purified and quantified compounds per month. Proprietary algorithms for data processing allow for highly efficient data handling. With the new improvements to ANSTTM in place, Nanosyn delivered to it's customers over 50,000 purified compounds during last five months.

"This development is yet another big step of Nanosyn from providing libraries for generic screening towards producing focused libraries of high value compounds ideally suitable for structure-activity relationship studies," notes Dr. Nikolai Sepetov, President and CEO of Nanosyn.

Since 1998, Nanosyn has provided the pharmaceutical industry with high quality compound libraries for lead identification, validation, and optimization using proprietary Accelerated Nanoscale Synthesis Technology (ANSTTM). Nanosyn is developing and exploiting an enabling technology platform that integrates nanoscale organic synthesis of small molecule chemical libraries with high throughput micro purification and analytical characterization. It is designed to address the trend to miniaturization of biological assays and the need for novel, pure, well-characterized compounds.

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