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ArQule and Nanosyn Announce Microchemistry Technology Evaluation and Chemistry Services Agreement

WOBURN, Mass., Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/

ArQule, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARQL) and Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis, Inc. (Nanosyn) today announced a microchemistry technology evaluation and chemistry services agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Nanosyn will perform custom chemical synthesis projects that will enable ArQule to evaluate Nanosyn's proprietary Accelerated Nanoscale Synthesis Technology (ANSTTM). ANSTTM incorporates nanoscale, solid-phase combinatorial synthesis, high-performance bead handling, high-throughput automated structure determination, proprietary analytical methods, and software to produce microscale amounts of single, pure compounds. ArQule will provide funding for this project for a period of up to two years. Specific financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

"We are pleased to have this opportunity to work with Nanosyn and evaluate the utility of their technology to enhance our lead generation, lead optimization, and process development programs," said Dr. Philippe Bey, Chief Scientific Officer of ArQule. "We believe that advances in microtechnologies will have a significant impact on future drug discovery efforts, including genomics, biology, and chemistry. Nanoscale synthesis, enabled by the ANSTTM System, may allow exploration and incorporation of unique or valuable chemistries, which previously would have been eliminated from consideration due to high cost or lack of availability. Furthermore, this technology may increase the efficiency of our process development methods in support of compound library development."

Dr. Nikolai Sepetov, President and CEO of Nanosyn added, "Nanosyn is looking forward to working with ArQule and demonstrating the value of our nanoscale synthesis technology. We expect that this technology will have broad application in ArQule's drug discovery programs."

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ArQule offers products and services that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the drug discovery process including accelerated lead optimization services, novel, diverse screening libraries, and access to their high-throughput parallel synthesis platform through technology licensing agreements. In addition, ArQule participates in joint drug discovery programs with selected biotechnology and academic partners. For additional information, please visit

Nanosyn was established by a group of scientists with extensive expertise in combinatorial organic synthesis, analysis of combinatorial libraries, and high throughput screening. The company provides access to a large collection of analytically characterized compounds preformatted for high-density screening, and has developed a proprietary miniaturization platform, Accelerated Nanoscale Synthesis Technology (ANSTTM). ANSTTM streamlines the interface between the synthesis of diverse collections of organic compounds with drug-like characteristics and high throughput screening assays, dramatically reducing the time and expense of modern lead discovery programs. For additional information, please visit

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