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Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis and Announce Collaboration

Tucson, Ariz., March 7, 2000

Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis Inc. (Nanosyn) today announced that it will provide access to its historical compound collection and small molecule combinatorial libraries through, one of the largest searchable databases in the world.

"ChemNavigator provides unique access to important tools - both the ability to search online for specific chemical structures, and rapid access to the compounds themselves. This should significantly accelerate product development in companies engaged in drug discovery" commented Dr. Jim Ostrem, Vice President of Nanosyn. "We are working closely with ChemNavigator to provide compounds to clients who realize that they must move quickly to define the chemical space around hits discovered in their high throughput screening projects. The time for long development cycles is over. Companies need immediate access to structures that provide the information needed to fill in the gaps with regards to potency, selectivity, and efficacy. Together with ChemNavigator we will provide chemistry resources to companies all over the world.

"The number of hits from screening often exceeds the capacity for lead optimization, so arbitrary decisions are often made regarding follow up" notes Tad Hurst, Ph.D., vice president and chief technical officer of " solves this problem by allowing the researcher to quickly qualify the hits before engaging in analog synthesis" Purity levels, molecular weight and solubility all factor into the decision to test a chemical compound. The site will save the scientist's research parameters for each return visit.

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