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Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis Announces Chemistry Collaboration With ChemDiv

Tucson, Ariz., April 19, 1999 /PRNewsire/

Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis Inc. (Nanosyn) today announced that ChemDiv, Inc. of San Diego, California and its wholly owned subsidiary Contact Service Company will provide Nanosyn with custom building blocks and large scale synthesis capabilities for lead optimization and preclinical development activities.

''ChemDiv will provide us with a unique source of chemical intermediates for the synthesis of custom libraries for our customers'' notes Dr. Jim Ostrem, Vice President of Nanosyn. ''Our technology platform allows us to use unusual building blocks that would normally not be considered during the design or synthesis phase of a small molecule library, due to cost and availability of sufficient amounts of material for synthesis. These proprietary building blocks will help us to design libraries for specific biological targets, and to create tightly focused analog series based on hit structures identified by customers screening our compound collection or larger combichem libraries. We understand that our customers require larger quantities of compound following initial lead discovery. Contact Service Company will provide cost effective scale-up capabilities to complement our lead generation technology as well as access to a large collection of unique compounds to expand our Pharma and Explore high throughput screening libraries.''

Dr. Alexander Ivashchenko, Vice President of Research of ChemDiv, Inc. and founder of Contact Service Company commented: ''We look forward to working with Nanosyn as they continue to develop their ability to provide both their customers and our customers with the chemical diversity that is essential for successful programs in lead discovery. Our combined efforts will benefit both companies. We can provide the chemical building blocks essential for synthesis of new and unique combinatorial libraries. Our experience in solution phase chemistry and Nanosyn's experience in solid phase synthesis are highly complementary.''

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Nanosyn was established by a group of scientists with extensive expertise in combinatorial organic synthesis, analysis of combinatorial libraries, and high throughput screening. The company provides access to a large collection of analytically characterized compounds preformatted for high density screening, and has developed a proprietary miniaturization platform, Accelerated Nanoscale Synthesis Technology (ANSTTM). ANSTTM streamlines the interface between the synthesis of diverse collections of organic compounds with ''drug-like'' characteristics and high throughput screening assays, dramatically reducing both the time and expense of modern lead discovery programs. More information about Nanosyn's products and services can be found at

Located in Moscow, Russia, Contact Service Company was established in 1991 as a source for diverse organic compounds for high throughput screening, and synthetic reagents for combinatorial chemistry and general organic synthesis. With in-house custom synthesis laboratories and a collection approaching 300,000 individually synthesized and purified compounds collected from over 500 research institutions in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Contact Service Company is one of the recognized leaders providing chemical diversity for lead discovery. More information about Contact Service Company can be found at

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